Over The Counter Wart Removal Treatments: 3 Facts

Perhaps you’ve developed one or more warts on your body. Likely you’re not happy about there appearance and you want them to go away. Over the counter removal products work very well for this. How well they work will depend greatly on the location of the wart. They can take some time to work as well so if you want it gone quickly you may wish to consider a different option.

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Here are a few facts we will examine about home wart removal kits:

Over the counter removal treatments take some time. Sadly, it may not be as easy as it appears on television commercials. Instead, some of those warts are very stubborn and will take some time to get rid of using a home treatment plan. If you are in a hurry, you may wish to see the doctor. A doctor can rid you of it quickly and efficiently without any need for further treatment.

You can still rid yourself of warts if the home treatments aren’t effective. Some warts like plantar wars or those near the nail beds are nearly impossible to rid yourself of. Often they have many layers and are very tender to the touch, not to mention that they aren’t very pretty to look at. A dermatologist can help you rid them in a quick treatment and you’ll be back to normal quickly.

Warts can come back!

Warts have a tendency to frequently recur in the same area of your body. Even if you’re had your wart removed by a doctor or a dermatologist, you may find that you get another one quickly. Why? Because the wart is caused by a virus that lives on the skin. Therefore, they can recur in the same area or even a different area of the body. As the virus works through your body through small skin breaks, you’ll find that the wart takes hold quickly. Help prevent any recurrence by keeping your skin clean and never picking at warts. Warts are contagious. Also, be sure that you never touch anyone elses warts and avoid using a towel or washcloth that someone else with a wart may have touched. Never wear clothing that they have worn either unless it has first been laundered.

The most important thing of all to remember is that if you’ve got a wart that is causing pain, or if a wart is close to a mucous membrane and tender, always ask your doctor or your dermatologist to help you get rid of it. You don’t want it to spread.