Topical Treatments For Different Types Of Warts

Are you sexually active? Are you concerned that you might get exposed to or contract genital warts? Have you currently got the dreadful news from your medical professional or physician that you currently have genital warts? Well, if you are an individual that falls into any one of these categories, then you had much better listen up. There is no other way to break it gently to you, so I will just come right out and say it.

Genital warts are caused by the HPV virus, and there is no treatment. There are nevertheless, some natural remedies and treatments you can utilize that will reduce the risk and might eventually clear up the genital warts.

Thousands of individuals are turning to Topical Treatments before they start on medical treatments. These natural wart treatmetns can be applied on your own and typically in the house. Now this goes without stating that they may or may not work for you. Not just one treatment will work at one time. It depends on you to experiment over time with different treatments:.

Topical Treatments for Warts
Garlic Oil is just another topical treatment that is commonly promoted and made use of for clearing up genital warts. It is stated that raw garlic is supposed to promote the white blood cell’s capability to fight infection. Tea Tree Oil is just strong aromatherapy oil. It is an important oil that contains an abundance of anti-viral in addition to anti-bacterial active ingredients that are used to combat infections.

You need to take in the reality that these topical treatments for genital warts have actually not been clinically proven to work. You must not think they are scientifically efficient treatments for genital warts. These treatments have shown through many research studies that they include positive aspects that are essential and commonly made use of in avoiding, minimizing, and combating off viral infections.

Your medical diagnosis, lifestyle, and tension will play big elements in determining exactly what will and will not work for you. Because one treatment is stated to have actually worked on genital warts prior to does not necessarily suggest it will work 100 % for you.

After all is stated and done, inquire about these treatments and get a clinical opinion. After all, if you already have genital warts then there really is not anything to lose, just everything to gain from that point. If you are wanting to treat yourself or experiment a little to see if these treatments can or will fix your genital warts, there has been no studies that recommend that these topical treatments have shown any dangers, damage, or side impacts.

But, keep in mind that these are researched treatments passed on from a lot of people to a lot of people and clinical proven reliable treatments. Warts of all sorts can be bothersome, so do not feel bad if you are now wondering how to deal with some sort of warts that you have discovered.

Dealing With the Annoying Wart

You sure are familiar with warts. Either you have it, or maybe someone close to you. Another thing I’m sure of is that you, along with many others, are wondering what caused the wart and is there such a thing like a wart cure? Well, let’s just find out the causes and how to treat warts. Because let’s just admit it, sometimes it can be very annoying to have. It may doesn’t hurt so much, but it’s still not one great looking skin condition. Worst thing that can happen is the wart is a symptom for a bigger problem like cervical cancer. Again, there’s no need to get ahead of ourselves, stay cool, and relax and when you see a wart, deal with it swiftly.


Getting to Know Warts

Simply speaking, wart looks like a dried solid blister. But don’t get too far ahead and assume that all dried blister mean wart. Mostly you will see warts on your hands and feet, and sometimes knees too. Anyhow, wart is contagious. So you might see a group of warts on your feet. It’s spread through broken skin, so when you see one, you need to treat it right away. Also, there are many types of warts. There are common, flat, genital, plantar and many more. There’s also something called as the Butcher’s wart which is actually a common skin condition among people who are handling meat as their day job. As its name, common wart is common. It’s a harmless skin condition that can be easily treated. However, genital wart might or might not be a sign of cancer, because genital wart also could happen to male.


Causes and Types

There are many types of warts. Almost as much as ten types, but don’t worry, there’s a small chance you could contact all of them. Also, even though wart is caused by HPV or the Human Papillomavirus, but it doesn’t mean you’re getting a cancer. Many people often associate HPV with cervical cancer, but it’s a wrong idea to think that everything related to HPV is carcinogenic. Don’t worry, it’s a common misconception. HPV have several types as well. The ones that caused common warts are HPV type 2 and 4. As for the genital warts, they are most commonly caused by type 6 and 11. HPV that caused cervical cancer are type 16 and 18 and they don’t cause warts.


Preventing and Healing

Whether you decided to go with the modern medicine or go with our grandmother’s recipe, wart is not incurable. You could always take the salicylic acid to deal with the common warts. It doesn’t hurt and won’t cost so much. But if you find your wart has start spreading or happen in uncommon places, like in your genitals. Go see your doctor right away and ask for a prescription. If you want to protect yourself from cervical cancer and genital warts, you could ask for an HPV vaccine such as Gardasil. It could protect you from HPV type 6, 11, 16 and 18. Those are high risk HPV that responsible for genital warts and cervical cancer. FDA has approved a number of medicines like Imiquimod to treat genital warts.  Most of these medicines are topical cream that you lather directly on your skin. There are also a number of other treatments that required a professional helps, such as cryosurgery, laser treatment, and also curettage. But that depends on how malignant the wart is. Not all warts worth the trouble, as simple cream could cure it.


As you can see, wart cure does exists and happen to be in many forms. Sometimes, common wart may bleed, but it’s still not a big deal. Again, don’t take warts as a benign tumor or a very harmful medical condition. It’s a common skin problem caused by a common virus. You could opt to take Gardasil as prevention, especially if you’re a sexually active person. But again, HPV is a common virus; anyone who is sexually active must have contacted it at least once in their life. The most important thing is to steer clear from HPV type 16 and 18. Having a regular medical checkup on your genitals could be one way to know that you and your partner are clean.

Natural Ways To Remove Warts

Do you desperately want to get rid of unsightly warts, but want to avoid using medicine to do so? If you do, then you have definitely found the right article. Below, you can find several great ways to get rid of warts naturally.

Sometimes warts are unfortunately not responding to a natural treatment. Using a cure with salicylic acid typically kills every wart. Learn more about other wart remedies at However, there is no downside to trying some of the natural remedies first except that you in the worst case keep your warts for a longer than necessary period of time.

Natural Wart Removal Method #1

One amazing natural solution to wart removal are banana peels. Why? They contain an ingredient that can actually eat the wart away. This chemical is known as proteolytic enzyme. The only things that you are going to need in order to try this method are something the scrape the banana peel with, and the actual banana peel.

What you need to do is scrape away the white part of the banana peel and then apply it to the wart. Do this just twice a day until the wart goes away. One very important thing to make sure you do is to wash your hands very thoroughly afterwards. This is so you do not spread the wart virus to any other areas!

Natural Wart Removal

Natural Wart Removal Method #2

The second remedy we will discuss is one that is known to be a solution for many different health issues. This is, of course apple cider vinegar. Why is a good for warts? Well, the acidity that the vinegar contains will actually kill the wart and make it fall off. In order to try this solution out, you are going to need a clean cloth or cotton balls, a bandage or gauze, and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Soak the cloth or cotton ball with the vinegar, ring it out, and then place it on the wart. Secure it with the Gauze or bandage and leave it on overnight. Remove the cloth or cotton ball and bandage in the morning and keep this up until the wart falls off.

Natural Wart Removal Method #3

The third remedy that were going to talk about is actually a delicious little treat, as well as something known to remove warts. This mystery home solution is pineapple juice. Pineapple juice works on removing warts as its high acid content will soften the wart, while special enzymes dissolve it away. You only need three things in order to try this home method out for yourself. You will need pineapple juice, a clean towel, and a bowl. It’s best to use a disposable bowl for this.

The only thing you have to do is place the wart into the pineapple juice for approximately five minutes. You’re going to want to do this, two or three times a day. After you’ve soaked it use the towel to dry off the area. One thing you should be aware of is that this method might sting a little as the acid softens the wart.

Natural Wart Removal Method #4

The final method for home wart removal that were going to talk about today is one that has been around for centuries. This method is using potatoes in order to get rid of warts. The only things that you will need are a potato, a knife, and a bandage. Remove the skin from the potato and cut around slice out of it. Rub this slice over the wart and then secure the slice with the bandage. Replace the potato and bandage three times a day.

Enjoy Being Naturally Free Of Warts

After reading this article, I’m sure that you are able to see you do not necessarily need medication in order to get rid of warts. There are many home remedies that are both natural and very effective. Try one of the many listed above to get rid of warts quickly!

Over The Counter Wart Removal Treatments: 3 Facts

Perhaps you’ve developed one or more warts on your body. Likely you’re not happy about there appearance and you want them to go away. Over the counter removal products work very well for this. How well they work will depend greatly on the location of the wart. They can take some time to work as well so if you want it gone quickly you may wish to consider a different option.

Verruca on Feet

Here are a few facts we will examine about home wart removal kits:

Over the counter removal treatments take some time. Sadly, it may not be as easy as it appears on television commercials. Instead, some of those warts are very stubborn and will take some time to get rid of using a home treatment plan. If you are in a hurry, you may wish to see the doctor. A doctor can rid you of it quickly and efficiently without any need for further treatment.

You can still rid yourself of warts if the home treatments aren’t effective. Some warts like plantar wars or those near the nail beds are nearly impossible to rid yourself of. Often they have many layers and are very tender to the touch, not to mention that they aren’t very pretty to look at. A dermatologist can help you rid them in a quick treatment and you’ll be back to normal quickly.

Warts can come back!

Warts have a tendency to frequently recur in the same area of your body. Even if you’re had your wart removed by a doctor or a dermatologist, you may find that you get another one quickly. Why? Because the wart is caused by a virus that lives on the skin. Therefore, they can recur in the same area or even a different area of the body. As the virus works through your body through small skin breaks, you’ll find that the wart takes hold quickly. Help prevent any recurrence by keeping your skin clean and never picking at warts. Warts are contagious. Also, be sure that you never touch anyone elses warts and avoid using a towel or washcloth that someone else with a wart may have touched. Never wear clothing that they have worn either unless it has first been laundered.

The most important thing of all to remember is that if you’ve got a wart that is causing pain, or if a wart is close to a mucous membrane and tender, always ask your doctor or your dermatologist to help you get rid of it. You don’t want it to spread.